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Shop – Christmas tree packaging nets, the new generation

    The best: LZ MONO brings together the proven quality features of LZ meshes and nets made from monofilament threads. Our LZ MONO comes with all the combined benefits of a modern packaging net.
    Unbeaten for 30 years: ST MONO. It is characterised by improved water absorption and an even better air circulation for the tree - with extreme durability and tensile strength. ST MONO is primarily used in retail, though it is also perfect for use in a large number of other tasks.
    Well-tested: The close-meshed LZ net provides the tree with excellent protection, is very tearproof and offers great visual covers.

    Newly developed: our wide-meshed ST net ST CLASSIC is cost-effective whilst also being high-quality.
  • Devices
    We naturally also deliver robust tree packaging devices for attendance dealings in all possible sizes.
  • Accessories
    Whether a brake ring, scraper ring or knife blades – here you can find the accessories that you need.