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The trusted LZ CLASSIC net made out of poly ribbons protects the tree through the narrow LZ mesh.

■ A common machine compatible net that has repeatedly proven its worth
■ Offers the best visible covering
■ Can be used in machine operations as well as in the sales funnel
■ The low priced alternative to all other qualities
■ The tree is optimally protected – no more broken branches
■ Special sizes: LZ 90 heaped – per roll 5 x 200 m
from EUR 107,25

Weight: ca. 22,00 KG
Available, enough stock
from EUR 109,43

Weight: ca. 18,00 KG
Currently not available.
from EUR 119,88

Weight: ca. 22,50 KG
Available, enough stock
from EUR 77,00

Weight: ca. 12,00 KG
Currently not available
from EUR 86,90

Weight: ca. 17,50 KG
Available, enough stock
from EUR 264,00

Weight: ca. 0,00 KG
Currently not available